Wednesday Nights

It's the best night of the week for all middle and high school students. We meet every Wednesday night throughout the school year in the Student Center. The Student Center is located in the Educational Building on the Corryton Church Campus. 

Sunday Mornings

At 9:00—sixth through twelfth grade attends Community Groups in the Student Center, located in the Educational Building on the Corryton Church campus. Then, students attend service at 10:15 in the Family Life Center.

church service

Church Service begins at 10:15 a.m. Our team considers this service the most important service within a students week at Corryton. We encourage all students, if possible, to attend this service with their parents.


Community Groups are directed by our adult student team. Students will attend a large group worship setting in the Student Center that can include dramas, worship, testimony, games, talks, etc. Students will then move from the large group setting to a gender/grade-specific small group. Each small group is led by two adults from our adult student team.