Children’s Ministry can be a key component in the spiritual, emotional, and social development for every child walking through your church doors. From babies all the way through your student ministry—you have an amazing opportunity to show God’s love, grace and redemption in tangible ways through children’s ministry. Here are four tips for creating the most successful children’s ministry possible.

Tips for Creating a Successful Children’s Ministry



As a church body—it is crucial that you are praying for the children and their families as well as the dedicated leaders that work each week to share God’s love with those in their care. In the same respect, your leaders should be praying for each child in their care by name. This does not have to be a huge time commitment nor are any specifics required. God knows each and every story, and He knows each and every child. There is so much power in prayer. You must be expectantly waiting for God to move in hearts and around the ministry He has entrusted to you.



When it comes to kids...consistency is crucial. Consistency builds relationships and brings children back week after week. When a child (especially younger groups) sees a different face each week they never know exactly what to expect or how their morning will go resulting in slightly less engagement and a lowered sense of security. It is highly important that your leaders embody consistency.

To create consistency—you can encourage leaders by getting them excited about serving faithfully, giving selflessly and teaching boldly. With the right equipping and encouragement, you have the power to make leading exciting for each volunteer. No matter how big or small, without consistent leaders, every ministry will suffer. So the next time you pick your child up or head out of your community group—thank the leaders, lift them up and encourage them. So many do work each week giving so much of themselves to impact the lives of the children and adults they serve!



Never underestimate the power of affirmation, encouragement, and genuine love at all stages of life—especially in a young child. This is not only true with the words you say, but also the tone and volume you choose to display. You never know what a child, parent, or other church member may be experiencing at any given time. Your interactions with these kids could be the only positive interaction they have the entire week. These small Sunday morning interactions can shape a child’s future, or at the least the rest of their day.



Individuals who volunteer or work with children of any age must love what they are doing and love the children in their care! When you love what you are doing, you will enjoy yourself more which will in turn reflect onto the children—creating a love for learning and a desire to grow in Christ! Always have FUN!


Jennifer Hutton

Children’s Director